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Indian Rupee (INR) to Kazakhstani tenge (KZT) Converter

Thursday, April 25, 2019
1 Indian Rupee = 5 tengue
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This Kazakhstani tenge to Indian Rupee (code: INR) converter is a fast and easy to use currency calculator. Convert Kazakhstani tenge to Rupees (INR to KZT / KZT to INR currency convertion). The Kazakhstani tenge is the currency of Kazakhstan. The ISO currency code of the Kazakhstani tenge is "KZT".
Conversion Guide for Printing
From Rupees (INR) to tengue (KZT)
1 Rupees5 tengue
5 Rupees27 tengue
10 Rupees54 tengue
50 Rupees271 tengue
100 Rupees541 tengue
500 Rupees2,706 tengue
1,000 Rupees5,412 tengue
5,000 Rupees27,061 tengue
10,000 Rupees54,121 tengue
50,000 Rupees2,70,606 tengue
From tengue (KZT) to Rupees (INR)
1 tengue0.18 Rupees
5 tengue0.92 Rupees
10 tengue1.85 Rupees
50 tengue9.24 Rupees
100 tengue18.48 Rupees
500 tengue92.39 Rupees
1,000 tengue184.77 Rupees
5,000 tengue923.85 Rupees
10,000 tengue1,847.70 Rupees
50,000 tengue9,238.52 Rupees